West Coast Swing Classes & Coaching

WHERE & WHEN: Tuesdays in Arlington, MA & Wednesdays in Hartford, CT

Bill Cameron teaching class


Bill Cameron has been teaching West Coast Swing since 1993. He travels throughout the US and Canada to teach classes and workshops with an emphasis on technique, contemporary styling and timeless musicality. He is known for his easy-going and relaxed teaching style while encouraging connection, centering, timing and balance.

Bill offers private lessons as well as weekly group lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers.

For one-on-one coaching with Bill, please email him at billcameron@dancepros.net

Yuna & ProAm Students


Yuna Davtyan learned ballet as a little girl in Russia and honed her ballroom skills as a young woman in the United States. She discovered West Coast Swing ten years ago and threw herself into an intense time of learning and training under the best pros. She worked her way from Newcomer through Advanced to AllStar, not allowing herself any shortcuts or advantages. (She earned no less than 61 points as an Advanced dancer before the World Swing Dance Council insisted she move up!) She has been placing as an All Star finalist ever since. These days, Yuna is greatly sought after on the westie social floor as a Strictly Swing partner and as a Rising Star, Classic competitor. More recently, she has found herself in the role of discerning coach and popular teacher. She has an unerring eye and her diagnostic skills are technically excellent yet gently intuitive. Her teaching manner is easy and fun…she’ll tell you like it is, but in an encouraging and supportive way. She is loyal and committed to her students and she gets results!

For one-on-one coaching with Yuna, please email her at yunadavtyan@gmail.com

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