• 1997 US Open Swing Dance Champion
  • 1998 American Swing Dance Champion
  • 2 time Canadian Blues Champion
  • US Open Judge
  • National Dance Dynamics Board Member
  • GSDTA Certification 1
  • Teacher and judge training from 5 different training programs including UCWDC
  • World Swing Dance Council Charter┬áMember
  • NASDE Event Director
  • Cover story in Jitterbug magazine
  • First Event Director to run a crossover J&J, NADC
  • First Event Director to offer a feedback program to dancers that did not make finals


  • Has won or placed in many national All-Star competitions
  • Experienced Pro/Am Routine coach
  • Has trained with the top pros in the country
  • Dances with a unique and compelling style
  • Awesome private instructor!



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